Electronic Medicines Information Training (EMIT)

Providing medicines information is an essential part of pharmacy practice.

SHPA’s Electronic Medicines Information Training (EMIT) is an interactive resource package that provides up-to-date, curated education on seeking information you can trust, clinically relevant to Australia, to help pharmacists provide expert advice about medicines. 

By introducing users to the specialty practice area of medicines information, EMIT is especially suitable for students, interns and early career pharmacists, and any pharmacist seeking to enhance their daily practice and impact on patient care. 

  • GET STARTED through two complimentary foundation modules 

  • EXPLORE EMIT’s 22 modules of core content, from Administration of Medicines to Toxicology

For all the information you need about the sections within each module, the grouping of the modules into the three broad categories of Essential Toolkit, Specialist Subjects and Skill Set and details on how to use this resource, head to the About EMIT section.