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Welcome to Online CPD!

SHPA has transitioned to single sign on between the member platform (Dashboard) and Online CPD platform and we now encourage members to login to the Online CPD platform via your SHPA Dashboard page (shpa.org.au/dashboard). This will sync your profiles to ensure your membership status is up to date in Online CPD and allow you to access member-only content on Online CPD and the SHPA website.
Once this sync is complete, you can only login and access Online CPD via your SHPA Dashboard.

Continuing professional developmentBranch and National webinars, seminar support materials, education associated with journals and publications like the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research and Don't Rush to Crush, learning modules and packages and more.

Specialty Practice: connects members to nationwide networks of professionals and peer learning opportunities, with access to practice leaders via discussion forums. Each specialty’s online hub gives members convenient access to relevant CPD, research, advocacy and policy, resources and opportunities. Click the name of any of the 30+ Interest Groups to find out more and to enrol.

COVID-19 vaccine member forum: As hospital pharmacists play an integral (and complex) role in Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, join in conversations, seek information and view the resources within.

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COVID-19 member forum: This forum enables SHPA members to share on-the-ground learnings, warnings and advice as the clinical implications of the virus continue to grow.

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