This symposium aims to equip pharmacists with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain confidence in the specialised field of critical care. Whether you are an enthusiastic pharmacist looking to gain confidence in critical care or an experienced critical care pharmacist seeking to hear from influential speakers in this area, this event offers valuable insights for all.

No matter what position you hold or what kind of job you do; persuasion and influence often plays a central role in getting things done and achieving big goals.

As pharmacists, we are all leaders and representatives of our profession. The NSW SHPA Education Committee would like to invite all our valuable members to take a day trip with us on this year’s exciting Symposium; “To lead or not to lead”.

Join our range of qualified and renowned speakers in Pharmacy and leadership roles. Engage in exciting workshops and network with Pharmacy Leads and colleagues.

This Symposium will focus on:

  • Change Management
  • Clinical Governance
  • Stewardships
  • Evolving and adapting to change
  • Improving performance in clinical settings