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As oral cancer therapies become more prevalent, non-cancer pharmacists increasingly are involved in the pharmaceutical care of cancer patients on oral therapies. This presentation will provide an overview of what every pharmacist should know about oral cancer therapies to support the care of cancer patients in any area of pharmacy practice.

As the workload of clinical pharmacists continues to grow, delegating key clinical tasks such as medication history taking to trained pharmacy technicians provides opportunities for pharmacists to do more. By reallocating resources we were able to develop and enhance technician roles within our service to provide a multi-site clinical technician service. This presentation will discuss the how’s, the why’s, the challenges and the outcomes of this service.

This presentation covers the basics of antimicrobial stewardship, key topical infectious diseases issues in the tropics (including what antibiotics are needed for a crocodile bite), and some topical issues that persist even outside the tropics (including penicillin allergy and the future of vancomycin).