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    SHPA’s COVID-19 Hospital Pharmacy ICU Upskilling Package offers a collated program of learning to provide rapid upskilling of pharmacist who are new to providing pharmacy services in the intensive care setting.  It provides a brief overview of a critically ill patient, the intensive care environment and some tools to assist in providing a solid foundation clinical overview.  

     All information within the package must be considered and utilised in conjunction with local hospital ICU protocols and guidelines.

    Please note: this package does not feature formalised evaluation or a certificate of completion and information is accurate as of the date of publication or latest review.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive critical care pharmacy training program.

    Reach out to more experienced specialist ICU pharmacists if you are working in isolation.  Utilise your health service network and the SHPA Critical Care Specialty Practice Interest Group discussion forum and SHPA COVID-19 discussion forum.

    ESSENTIAL: COVID-19 resourcesFurther learning: Q&A on various topics