Foundation Seminar in Palliative Care

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the principles, core values and philosophy of palliative care
  • Recognise the ethical issues pertinent to caring at the end of life
  • Describe phases of palliative care
  • Identify settings for provision of care

Competency Standards* Addressed

  • Standard 1.2.2 Manage ethical issues arising in practice
  • Standard 2.1.1 Respect the personal characteristics, rights, preferences, values, beliefs, needs and cultural and linguistic diversity of patients and other clients, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Standard 2.1.2 Support and respect the rights of patients and other clients to contribute to decision-making
  • Standard 2.3.1 Use appropriate communication skills
  • Standard 2.3.2 Confirm the effectiveness of communication
  • Standard 3.1.2 Assess medication management practices and needs
  • Standard 3.1.3 Collaborate to develop a medication management strategy or plan
  • Standard 3.2.2 Provide primary care and promote judicious use of medicines
  • Standard 3.3.2 Apply clinical review findings to improve health outcomes
  • Standard 4.1.1 Display emotional awareness and effective self-regulation of emotions

*National Competency Standards Framework for Pharamcists in Australia, 2016

Accreditation information

This activity has been accredited for 3.25 hours of Group-1 CPD, and 3.25 hours of Group-2 CPD (a total of 9.75 CPD credits), suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan. The accreditation number is S2018/54.