Who are we?

The Clinical Trials Stream is a network of SHPA members who are involved in the provision of a clinical trial or investigational drugs pharmacy service to clinical trial participants in hospitals (private and public) and Phase 1 clinical trial units, and clinical trials pharmacists who also provide a service to research departments.

There are THREE levels in the Clinical Trials Stream:

  1. Clinical Trials Interest Group
  2. Clinical Trials Practice Group
  3. Clinical Trials Leadership Committee

Start your journey in the Clinical Trials Interest Group

If your work involves you in clinical trials, as a specialist pharmacist, a generalist/rotational pharmacist or a pharmacy intern or student, joining the Clinical Trials Interest Group gives you access our online network of Clinical Trials experts and peers and a range of resources to support your practice.

LOGIN using the username and password for your Online CPD account* (created for you by SHPA) and select from the self-enrolment options here.  

*Please contact specialtypractice@shpa.org.au if you are unable to see the self enrolment option or need assistance with your Online CPD account details.

Do you want to advance to the next level and join SHPA's pool of member expertise?

Eligible members with sufficient clinical trials expertise who want to work with SHPA and the Clinical Trials Leadership Committee can apply to join the Clinical Trials Practice Group. Find out more when you join Clinical Trials Interest Group.