Who are we?

The Cardiology Stream is a network of SHPA members who work in coronary care, cardiac units, emergency medicine, critical care, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac surgery and other inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory or primary care settings where patients with cardiac conditions receive pharmacy services, and in health organisations that work in advocacy, policy and public health.

Why join?

Join the Cardiology Interest Group if you want to access our network of cardiology experts and peers through the Cardiology Discussion Forum. You don’t need to specialise in cardiology to join the Cardiology Interest Group.

To view the self enrolment option for the Cardiology Interest Group, please enter the username and password for your Online CPD account* (created for you by SHPA)

*Please contact specialtypractice@shpa.org.au if you are unable to see the self enrolment option or need assistance with your Online CPD account details.

If you are an experienced cardiology pharmacist, why not apply to join the Cardiology Practice Group? Belonging to the Cardiology Practice Group gives you all the benefits of the Cardiology Interest Group, plus opportunities to support members of the Cardiology Interest Group and contribute to important SHPA work relating to cardiology – including Standard of Practice in Cardiology for Pharmacy Services, SHPA submissions relevant to cardiology, and SHPA cardiology education.

Members of the Cardiology Practice Group are also eligible to nominate for election to the Cardiology Leadership Committee.

CLICK HERE for Practice Group eligibility criteria and to submit your application.