• SHPA’s COVID-19 Hospital Pharmacy Relief: Introductory Training
    is a condensed program of learning designed to ensure as many practitioners as possible are as prepared as possible for potential deployment to relieve hospital staffing shortages. 

    Signing up to the Relief Register and/or completion of the associated Introductory Training does not mean you will be required for hospital relief work, as this will be coordinated based on location and skills mix of the hospitals requiring additional support. 

    Voluntary contributions

    SHPA is constantly monitoring the evolving situation surrounding the impact of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and, given the urgency of the crisis, has chosen to open access to many resources and initiatives at no cost.

    While there is no charge to undertake SHPA’s COVID-19 Hospital Pharmacy Relief: Introductory Trainingwe welcome voluntary contributions of $30, $60 or $120 in lieu as we continue our essential work supporting the hospital pharmacy workforce during this critical time.

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    • Learning objectives 

      1. Describe medication safety
      2. Identify high risk medications
    Core topic 4: CommunicationOptional topic: Drug calculations