• The learning objectives for this module are:

    • Outline the steps involved in processing a medicines information enquiry.
    • Identify core questions to ask to assist in answering medicines information enquiries.
    • Outline core components of answering medicines information enquiries.
    • Describe the importance and elements of plain language in answering medicines information enquiries.
    • Outline key components of written and telephone responses to medicines information enquiries.

    Accreditation number for this module: S2019/90

    This activity has been accredited for 1 hour of Group-1 CPD (or 1 CPD credit), suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan.


    The program addresses pharmacist competency standards, including:


    Standard 2.2.3 Promote effective interprofessional practice

    Standard 2.3.1 Use appropriate communication skills

    (National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia, 2016)

  • Some enquirers prefer to receive an answer to their enquiry over the phone. You will need to prepare your response as thoroughly as if it were a written response.

    Before calling the enquirer, have your response and any relevant resources ready so that you are prepared for any further questions. If the enquiry is about a specific patient, be sure to confirm the patient details before providing the response.

    Check with the enquirer whether it is an appropriate/convenient time to discuss their enquiry. Be clear and concise and offer to follow up with written information as well. Follow a logical structure and be prepared to repeat key points. There is no body language to guide how your message is being received so you will need to take a moment to pause and check that the enquirer understands your response. Slow down if necessary, so that information is not being delivered faster than it can be understood.

    Ask the enquirer whether the information has been helpful; this helps you to gather feedback and may lead to further questions being asked.

    Written responsesFace-to-face responses