• About EMIT

    Providing medicines information is an essential part of pharmacy practice. SHPAs Electronic Medicines Information Training course is an interactive resource to help pharmacists provide expert advice about medicines. Especially suitable for students, interns and early career pharmacists, it provides an introduction to the specialty practice area of medicines information. The course is also suitable for any pharmacist seeking to enhance their daily practice and impact on patient care.

    Comprising two foundation modules and 22 subject modules this course will help you:

    • Understand the process of receiving a medicines information enquiry and providing medicines information
    • Know what questions to ask to obtain further information
    • Find the most appropriate sources of information
    • Evaluate the information available
    • Use clinical knowledge and critical thinking to apply the information to the context of a question or problem
    • Communicate a response in plain language, that has an appropriate level of detail and is tailored to the needs of the enquirer
    • Understand legal and ethical issues that may affect the provision of information about medicines
    • The hard work and dedication of all contributors to EMIT and to the Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook 1st edition is gratefully acknowledged. The time spent reviewing and writing content and the contribution of real enquiries is also gratefully appreciated. The production of EMIT would not have been possible without the efforts of the Medicines Information pharmacists who have so generously shared their knowledge and experience.

      Editorial Committee

      Elizabeth Anderson
      Principal Medicines Information Specialist Pharmacist, Westmead Hospital, NSW

      Sally Brooks
      Senior Pharmacist, Medicines Information, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic

      Claire Keith
      Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist, Austin Health, Vic

      Judy Longworth
      Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Psychological Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, NSW

      Jeanie Misko
      Medicines Information Senior Pharmacist, Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA

      Lisa Pont
      Associate Professor, Discipline of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Health, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW

      Leone Snowden
      Clinical Engagement & Education Coordinator, CIAP , eHealth NSW

      Jane Ermer
      Publications Pharmacist, SHPA

      Julia Hruz
      Education pharmacist, SHPA

      Keli Symons
      Publications Manager, SHPA

      The Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook 1st edition is the basis for this revised and renamed version. It was adapted from the UKMi Training Workbook, copyright University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, UK. This version was produced with permission and subject to copyright. For further information about the first edition contact Elizabeth Anderson.