This one-day Masterclass aims to expose pharmacists to various clinical scenarios and challenges related to the interpretation of laboratory tests in patients with complex medical needs.  

Presented by experts and supported by experienced tutors, this one-day Masterclass in laboratory tests will cover the interpretation, application, and limitations of laboratory tests across a range of speciality areas. Topics will include, Blood gas interpretation, complex electrolyte management, haematology, immunology, and ID in the lab.  

Attendees will be challenged to work through interactive case-based sessions which highlight clinical decision-making processes that can be optimised by interpretation of laboratory tests.  

Preliminary Program:     

  • Blood Gas Interpretation 
  • Complex Electrolyte Management 
  • Haematology  
  • Immunology 
  • Infectious Diseases – In the Lab 

Pre seminar recorded talks to watch      

  • Sodium and potassium from extension seminar (optional for attendees who need to brush up) 

  • Coagulation cascade 

  • Haematology basics